Farad Media And Infotech  advice on the kind of Broadcast Equipmentto be use with respect to the proposed budget and how best to optimized what is available.

Local Area Network

We also set up Pc’s for studio and office use as well as run Local Area Network (LAN) network for all systems.
Farad Media And Infotech liaise with vendors on software to be used for broadcast Automation as well as billing and scheduling software. Most of the software we recommends are one time buyout in comparison to the ones with hidden charges which compels you to pay annual charges.
We give you prices and full specifications of whatever setup you have in mind.
We Train your staff on how to use both the software and hardware installed. We carry you along from the inception to the final handover.

CCTV Installation

PC's and Servers

Farad Media And Infotech is into full broadcast Inegration. we carry out feasibility study on site. We will advise on the kind of Sound proof materials, lighting and Electrical connections.

Farad Media And Infotech installs broadcast equipment ranging from Mics to the console with all other peripherals up to the Transmitter and Antenna. We provide full Turnkey solution.

...We Provide Anything Broadcast with full Turnkey solution!